Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I really don't understand why people go cray over donald matter what he was,no matter how many babies's kissed, or hispanics he has flipped off. I still look at him as every other politician...they are all liars,,,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Something i wrote today.

it is a bit least at the current time it is. eventually Down the road they'll get theirs, like Biff in Back to the Future. though, I will not give a shit in the future if you think about it. People in High School people used to say shit like "Oh! they'll get theirs!" and "just you wait" (and other phrases that i imagine some 1920's blackjack dealer saying while shaking fist and "the entertainer" being played in the back ground) In which (normally) the person was referring to later on in life, when the person saying "just you wait" (;etc...) will be better off than the person he/she is shaking their fist at. Let's just say (for the sake of argument) that at the age of 35-40 I am a rock/movie star...something that the person the getting a fist shaken at earlier; would be jealous of. ... What makes that person better off? I am pretty sure that in that point of life, (most) people wouldn't give a shit what others were doing, really.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Alright, so, I am planning to (eventually) purchase a chinchilla. throughout the time that I have been looking up information on living/eating conditions for a chinchilla (etc...) I have slowly learnt that most Chinchilla owners are the biggest assholes in the world... ...i swear, they go around Youtube, looking for people to post videos on Chinchillas so they can bitch about them. So I am going to bitch about the owners for a bit... ...FIRST: They Complain that the Chinchilla owner in the video is doing something wrong. It's a god damn animal, so it IS alive and it likes some things and dislikes others, like most livings, and those likes and dislikes could differ from from another rodent...or whatever... SECOND: This is more of a personal annoyance more than anything- But - They say things like "He/She doesn't like that!" HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT PERSON KNOW!? They do not have any way of communicating with them, Obviously, there are things that no thing would enjoy -like pain- where was I going with this?...Oh Yeah! Stay Out Of My Booze!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Written Nothing.

This upcoming week is going to be some-what eventful. I have a wedding to go to in Tamecula on the 3rd of July...I am not sure how that is going to go, but we'll see. Jesus, I began looking through my entire Blog, I HAVE WRITTEN NOTHING...Nothing Substantial anyway, I need to write more often than i am to get through this writer's block. I got my Civic back from a family friend today...though I still cannot drive it. it's seen better days though. ah well it's a 98' so I wouldn't expect anything less...or more...I suppose I wouldn't expect anything from it AT ALL...