Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I have made a huge decision...

...which i am sure you are all anxious to hear.' well, from now on. i am going to write on blogger everyday to get my typing speed back up. hopefully eventually i will get to the point where I can write a book o

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, November 25, 2016


it seems as though the only good memories i have of high school is driving during this time of the year. well... ...i should correct myself, its not the ONLY memory i have, but it is my favorite. during the three years i was driving i enjoyed driving late night during Christmas, normally alone. but don't get the wrong visualization. don't think I was some crazed maniac mowing children and family pets at 2.a.m, I just enjoyed the the time.''' go figure right?

Sunday, September 25, 2016


all a hangover is nothing more than dehydration. as soon as alcohol hits the bloodstream the body realizes that there is no proper use for it, so it tries to get it... every last drop, it does this over the period of when you are asleep. though, (normally) after a long night of boozing we want nothing more than to sleep. which is what happens. though, your body needs fuel to run on, fuel that is (for the most part) not there. so you may wake up with a dry mouth, blood-shot eyes, and yes, the god awful headache that feels as though it was made in the bowels of hell itself. so before sleeping (and i know this is an annoyance and a god a god damn hassle) try to drink 4+ glasses of water (a glass= 8 oz) and you should be set... if you still get hangovers...well you are SOL my friend... drink less. I just realized how few people i have OFFICIALLY following me on here. i'll pretend that there are A large number of guys out there who come on this site...literally....Cum on this Site (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) {this coming from a guy who has a wildly active sexual imagination.} What was I talking about again? Oh Yeah! STAY OUTTA MY BOOZE!